Jennifer  Sebasigari

Culinary Chef • Influencer

Organizer and Host of Emerge Events

Jennifer Sebasigari is a gifted chef based in Houston, Texas. Born in Burundi, the Congolese chef ’s move

to the United States in 2001 was precipitated by the Rwandan genocides of the 1990s. Her family was

victim to ethnic targeting in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the aftermath of the Rwandan

genocide. The United Nations secured 1500 visas for individuals and families in danger. This provided

passage out of Congo for Jenny’s family and others in danger. They were placed in a refugee camp in

Cameroon while awaiting resettlement in the U.S. As part of their rations, each person received1 bag

of rice, 1 bag of beans, 1 liter of oil, and 125g of beef per month. Helping cook for her family in the camp

was truly the beginning of Jenny’s culinary journey.


The family was, finally, resettled in Austin, Texas in 2001. This move afforded Jenny's family a chance to start anew and for Jenny it was an opportunity to emerge from a past shrouded in uncertainty, civil war, and a future put on hold.


As a teen, Jenny’s passion for cooking seemed to grow with each meal she helped her mom prepare for the family. She later enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Austin, Texas where she received her culinary degree in 2016. One of the highlights early in her career was working with James Beard Award recipient , Justin Yu at Houston’s #1-rated restaurant, Texas Oxheart.


Jenny On The Go 365 founded in 2016 was her entry into culinary entrepreneurship. Her company provides catering services, cooking lessons, and engages in pop-up restaurants. She has worked with other chefs in charitable events benefiting various causes. She is renowned for her IGTV show “Behind the Kitchen” and appearances on local TV outlets.

Jenny has amassed a huge following across social media platforms. As an influencer, her social media feeds @jennisebasigari and @jennyontehgo365 boast almost 400K followers who tune in for her expertise in cooking/nutrition, entrepreneurship, fashion, and other popular culture trends. Jenny makes a point to not forget where she comes from and her journey. She owes a great deal to her upbringing, family, and God’s grace. She, equally, grateful by the United Nation’s intervention in her family’s life and her new home; USA. Emerge is a vehicle for her to give back and inspire others to find or write their own emergence story.