Emerge is an event  to celebrate the emergence of refugees in their adopted countries. Displaced people face a great deal of challenges in order to integrate in a new country, understand cultural nuances, navigate social-economic norms, earn a living, become self-reliable, and positive contributors to the overall success of the adoptive country.

Our objective is to highlight the extraordinary success stories by refugees in hope to inspire others. All this is made possible by the United Nations and its partner countries. In celebrating refugees, we also honor the United Nation for its reach and efforts to help people all over the world and, especially, those politically marginalized in 3rd world and some developing countries.


The United Nations has brokered safe passage for people in displaced or in danger of displacement by tragedies including, but not limited to war, ethnic pleasing, political persecution, and other man-made and natural disasters. Historically this has provided refugees with a new home country and an opportunity to emerge from a past of persecution and have a real chance to work for a future.